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From the desk of: Tracy McClelland
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Dear Fellow RN's

If you are interested in earning more money, enjoying 2 or 3 vacations a year, and taking charge of your life, then you are in the right place.

I have been a Registered Nurse for 15 years and for the past 6 years I have successfully owned and operated my own Health Career Training Center, and I have a passion for helping nurses just like you to turn your nursing skills into a fun and lucrative business.

Because you took the initiative to come here, I want to give you three Free gifts.

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Discover how to Save time and money while creating a profitable new nursing business.
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Owning Your Own Health Career Center Can Be Easy With My Help!
With the growing population of people in our communities who are out of work, and the urgency for state and local health facilities to have only STATE CERTIFIED staff caring for patients at the bedside, the growing need for private training facilities will increase ten fold in the next 10 years.
If you want to have the freedom to live your life, take control of your destiny and enjoy having an abundance of money to give back to your community, then you should join me and a team of nursing entrepreneurs across the country who are owning our own space as business nursing entrepreneurs, and 6-figure nurses!
Hey, I'm Tracy a nurse just like you who grew weiry with the day to day routine at the hospital and decided to take charge of my nursing career. If you are looking for an alternative career in healthcare or nursing but you still love nursing, then you are so similar to me and I want to get to know you an help you build a new and better career in nursing. Visit Our National Web Site for More Information on our up-coming events:


In Only 4-Days You Will Master What It Takes to Become Your Own CEO!
In my 3-Day Certification Course for nurses not only do I teach you how to become an entrepreneur, but I give you the keys to financial freedom. If you follow my every word I guarantee you will have unfolded success as a nursing entrepreneur.Take more vacations and spend more time with your family is the life I know you desire.
It's all possible with the Nursing Success System!
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Tracy McClelland RN, MSN, DBA Candidate
Founder and CEO
Tracy M. McClelland Enterprise, Inc


Nurses can Make $100,000 Plus as HTCs
Become an HTC Today! Healthcareer Training Coordinators operate their business from A-Z. With just 3-Days of training nurses learn what it takes to earn nearly 20 hours of Continuing education credit and become certified as Healthcareer Training Coordinators!
The service that HTCs provide in the community is priceless, not to mention the endless possibilites for a constant flow of money to your training center.


Build It And They Will Come!
When I started my company nearly 10 years ago I had no money in reserve. I started with what I had. Working from week to week and not really enjoying my nursing career in the hospital anymore as a nurse, I wanted something more. I wanted to enjoy my career in nursing and make more money. So I sat out to create a facility that could help nursing students and people in our community get basic level certifications that would allow them to enter into healthcare without attending school for 6-months to a year. I created a training program that is approved through the state and has national recognition. It allows people to get certified after only 4 weeks of Nurse Aid Training. Now with my business system model other nurses can have the same magic in their communities as I have enjoyed. Oh and did I mention that making more money than you ever imagined is also possible for the nurses who learn how to BUILD IT....So THEY CAN COME!
When you build your Health Career Training Center They Will Come!
They are the many opportunities that will bring you much success!

HTC 2011
National Healthcareer Training Coordinators Association


I Have Never Been So Excited About My Nursing Career!
I have known Tracy over 10 years, as a colleague first and then we became friends. She does more by 12 noon, and more in one week than some of us do in a month. She is a mover and a shaker in the business arena. When She introduced me to her new Certification Program for RNs it totally blew me away. In just three days she managed to teach me and a room full of eager entrepreneurs how to start and manage a Health Career Training Center. She motivated us to
action and now many of us have already started our own businesses and are enjoying what we do every single day!Don't hesitate to becomea VIP, I did!

J. Allen, RN, MSN NP-A, HTC



Tracy McClelland RN, MSN Founder of Nursing Success System, Inc.
1214 N. Peterson Ave Suite P Douglas, GA 31533